Visiting IICSI Postdoctoral Research Fellow in a Interdisciplinary Performance on Improv, Trauma, and Memory

Don't miss this fascinating performance with excerpts from Irene Oore's book, and free improvisation from musician Daniel Oore. 7pm, ED242 on campus at the University of Regina. Nov 23, 2019.See more about this event and the Canadian tour here:

Gong Bath with new postdoc Stacey Bliss

We are very happy to welcome new postdoc Stacey Bliss, who will be working with RISC for the next two years. She is studying gongs and their social spaces.
Join her this Tues September 24th, 2019, at 7pm in the Sound Studio, ED242, at the University of Regina, she will be offering a "gong bath" an immersive sound and meditation session, free and everybody is welcome.

Major funding for RISC Research Dr. Michelle Stewart

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Stewart who has secured almost 1 million dollars in government funding to supoprt Indigenous people with FASD facing discrimination and overrepresentation in the justice system in Canada. This work will directly improve the lives of people living with this misunderstood cognitive disability. Stewart is also working on numerous projects using improvised art forms to support people with FASD in many settings, and we are incredibly impressed with her important research and interventions.

Congratulations to Helen Pridmore for Subscription Opus

RISC member Helen Pridmore started the semester with a concert of works from the US graphic score composer Jude Weirmeir. These beaiful scores. like the ones in this image, were posted to Pridmore in the mail, who interpreted them for performance using expanded vocal techniques, and the live use of scores and interaction using a document camera. The concert was recorded and livestreamed on Facebook, you can watch it in full 360 Degree footage here:
Link to livestream and recording

Congratulations Helen for your ongoing research into practice-based exploration of innovative improvisatory forms!

Regina students and Faculty at the IICSI Summer Institute

Regina students and postdocs Mia Bell and Stacey Bliss, along with Faculty member Dr. Rebecca Caines attended the recent Summer Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisaiton held in Gaspe, Quebec.  This was a fantastic opportunity for all involved to meet researchers and new students from across the IICSI sites, as well as welcoming some of the new cohort in our brand new MA/PHD program in Critical Studies in Improvisation at the University of Guelph.

Students attended the At Land's End Music Camp, and had lectures and workshops from leading shcolars and practittioners in the field. A final showcase presented music, performance, installation and academic presentations.