COLD+ART/ Creative Technologies and Improvisation Artist Residency

COLD+ART/ Creative Technologies and Improvisation Artist Residency

Curated by Rebecca Caines + Megan Smith

March 11-13

This pilot artist residency explores improvisation, the body, technology and art making through responding to winter lakes in Saskatchewan. A group of 8 improvisation-based artists and curators will spend 3 days in the Northern Saskatchewan lake areas walking, ice fishing, skiing and exploring ice and landscape as creative stimulus for audio art, audiovisual work and visual practices including data visualization and sonification. This curated artist residency is a pilot to explore how winter landscape and technology can be brought into conversation in creative technologies art practice in Saskatchewan. Samples of the work will be featured on the Regina Improvisation Studies Centre website ( and form the basis for ongoing research into the place of emerging technology in socially-engaged art practice.

RISC Researchers will also be participating in panel talks, hackathons, improvised performances, and other events, all part of Colder Than Mars: Humanzing Data on the Prairies

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