Improvisation and Mobility Conference and Festival May 2017

We welcome applications to join us for the RISC/IICSI conference in May 2017. 

Call for Papers
Improvisation and Mobility
Interdisciplinary Conference and Festival
May 10-15, 2017
The International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI) invites interdisciplinary contributions to the 2017 IICSI conference and festival at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, on the theme of “Improvisation and Mobility”. The program will take place from May 10-15, 2017, with most events occurring from May 10-14, 2017.  We are interested in the connections between critical studies in improvisation, contemporary improvisatory practice, and concepts of artistic, physical, technological and cultural mobility.  We invite proposals for conference papers, panels, artistic contributions and other research formats. Presenters will be drawn from the fields of dance and performance studies, theatre, community-engaged art and music, ethnomusicology, creative technologies/new media art, intermedial studies, and critical studies in improvisation. Keynote speakers include George Lipsitz, Ajay Heble, Vida Midgelow, Isabella Stefanescu, and Frederique Arroyas.
We are particularly interested in presentations that address questions such as:

·      How (and why) do improvising artists and scholars of improvisation engage with mobility in and through their practice?

·      How can notions of real-time decision-making, risk, collaboration, active listening and the reconfiguration of mistakes into productive material model new types of engagement with difference and culture, through new kinds of mobility?

·      What are the new possibilities for improvisation opened by the ubiquity of hand-held mobile devices and new types of mobile interfaces for creative expression?

·      What are the possibilities for intersections between literatures and practices in somatic work, disability cultures, and improvised movement and performances?

·      Who is brought in, and who is left out, when improvisation mobilizes?

·      What are the possibilities and issues with improvisatory mobilization across disciplines?

Abstracts of 250 words, plus artist/author bio and web links, and including all tech requirements, should be emailed to Rebecca Caines and Helen Pridmore
 With the subject line “Improvisation Conference Abstract”, to by January 10. 2017.   EXTENDED TO FEB 1

NOTE: Graduate students from IICSI sites may be eligible for some limited support/reduced costs: please indicate on your proposal if you require this.

Welcome to our newest researcher Dr Kathryn Ricketts

We are delighted to welcome dancer, educator, improviser Kathryn Ricketts to the team.

Don't miss her performance this Saturday!

See the CBC story here:

Welcome our new postdoc- I-Ying Wu to Regina!

We are very happy to welcome our new postdoctoral research fellow, I-Ying Wu to Regina this September. I-Ying has a PhD by practice-led research from the School of Arts in Northampton, and a MA in Performing Arts from the National Taiwan University of the Arts. Her postdoctoral research project rethinks the concept of improvisation from a Chinese perspective of qi-energy based on Daoism, aiming to fill the gap resulting from cultural differences between current concepts of improvisation inherited from American and European dance contexts and her specific cultural/social position as a Taiwanese somatic practitioner and improviser. The “nature” of improvisation, that is, what improvisation is, how it is characterised, and how it works, will be given a different interpretation in this study. Furthermore, how an improvisation practitioner/researcher’s work could be informed and shaped by the Daoist philosophy of qi will be revealed during the rethinking process by drawing on a practice-as-research methodology. I-Ying will also be working with the REACTING improv jam group, and become a part of the Regina Improv Studies Centre/IICSI activities over the year. We look forward to working with her, and hope everyone makes her feel very welcome in Regina.

Improvised Remembering in Wuhan, China

RISC director Rebecca Caines and artist John Campbell are currently in Wuhan, China. Their project "Improvising Remembering" includes two performances in Wuhan, and an installation of media arts in Hong Kong at the K11 Gallery. They are making this work as 2016 FUSE K11  ISEA2016 Artist Residency recipients for the 2016 International Symposium on Electronic Arts, held this year at City University Hong Kong.

Congratulations to the iPad Orchestra

 Amazing work by the students improvising with iPads and taking over the Administration building at the University

See the local news story and a video here:

Ice fishing and art, who knew they went together!

Wonderful art and scholarship Art+Cold+improvisation residency at Lake Ketepwa. Thanks to all the artists and scholars who joined us from University of Regina, Brandon University, and the artistic community for three days of explorations about the relationship between improvising, art and this cold place we live. Ironically, it was a really warm weekend, but the lake was still frozen! We have decided to show the work in development on the website for the larger event Colder Than Mars rather than here, so expect it up in the next few weeks.

Liquid Art project in the news!

We are part way through our Liquid Art project examining mentorship, improvisation and cultural identity through visual art. Thanks to Scott Collegiate for hosting our first workshops and to the great team for their work so far. Looking forward to more workshops soon, and our live events starting in March, and the exhibition which will be in summer.

Thanks to the Leader Post for their story on the project so far....

COLD+ART/ Creative Technologies and Improvisation Artist Residency

COLD+ART/ Creative Technologies and Improvisation Artist Residency

Curated by Rebecca Caines + Megan Smith

March 11-13

This pilot artist residency explores improvisation, the body, technology and art making through responding to winter lakes in Saskatchewan. A group of 8 improvisation-based artists and curators will spend 3 days in the Northern Saskatchewan lake areas walking, ice fishing, skiing and exploring ice and landscape as creative stimulus for audio art, audiovisual work and visual practices including data visualization and sonification. This curated artist residency is a pilot to explore how winter landscape and technology can be brought into conversation in creative technologies art practice in Saskatchewan. Samples of the work will be featured on the Regina Improvisation Studies Centre website ( and form the basis for ongoing research into the place of emerging technology in socially-engaged art practice.

RISC Researchers will also be participating in panel talks, hackathons, improvised performances, and other events, all part of Colder Than Mars: Humanzing Data on the Prairies

See the full program here:

Congratulations to the incredible Jo-Ann Episkenew!

We are all so proud to work with this amazing woman. Congrats on your national award!

Post doc job in Regina

Know someone working in improvisation that wants to come join us at University of Regina? Spread the word!